Kyle and Lizzie

 Despite having a mixture of heavy showers and glorious sunshine, Kyle and Lizzie were not stopped by the unpredictable weather and had an amazing and photogenic wedding day in their local church and nearby field in lovely Salisbury.

Gallery_K&L_0001 Gallery_K&L_0002 Gallery_K&L_0003 Gallery_K&L_0004 Gallery_K&L_0005 Gallery_K&L_0006 Gallery_K&L_0007 Gallery_K&L_0008Gallery_K&L_0010 Gallery_K&L_0011 Gallery_K&L_0012 Gallery_K&L_0013 Gallery_K&L_0014 Gallery_K&L_0015 Gallery_K&L_0016 Gallery_K&L_0017 Gallery_K&L_0018 Gallery_K&L_0019 Gallery_K&L_0020 Gallery_K&L_0021 Gallery_K&L_0022 Gallery_K&L_0023 Gallery_K&L_0024 Gallery_K&L_0025 Gallery_K&L_0026 Gallery_K&L_0027 Gallery_K&L_0028 Gallery_K&L_0029 Gallery_K&L_0030 Gallery_K&L_0031 Gallery_K&L_0038Gallery_K&L_0032 Gallery_K&L_0033 Gallery_K&L_0034 Gallery_K&L_0035 Gallery_K&L_0036 Gallery_K&L_0037

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